Official statistics released in early December 2017 by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that new car registrations for the month of November 2017 were down 9% (687) when compared to (754) November 2016, with new cars registrations – January 1st to November 30th inclusive – down 10% (131,200) on the same period last year (146,215). 

Registrations in the new Commercial Vehicle sector have seen a decrease too, with the Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) sector down 12% (580) on November 2016 (656) and are down – January 1st to November 30th inclusive – by 14%. New Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HGV) have increased by 83% for the month of November (130) compared to the same month last year (71) but are down 13% (2,478) in the January to November period.

However, one area of massive growth (relatively speaking) relates to the sale of electric cars, with 621 registrations being recorded up to November 30th – an increase of 58% year-on-year. Interestingly, registrations within the county of Kildare recorded a year-on-year drop of 12.24% (Jan to Nov), while the drop in Dublin was just 5.57% for the same period.

However, despite this relatively negative news from the SIMI, the hope is that 2018 will see an increase on the 2017 figures and some very enticing offers from a wide variety of car manufacturers & distributors should certainly tempt buyers to part with their cash or take up some very attractive finance deals. Motor manufacturers from all corners of the globe never fail to fascinate and excite the car-buying public, with some breathtaking new products coming our way in 2018.

One thing currently unites everyone who works in (or has an interest in) the motor industry is the feeling that we are in the midst of a golden age for cars. Industry experts agree that we are going to see more change in the car business in the next five years than we saw in the last 100 years. Some people might have a fear of change, but it’s the innovation in car design, engineering and technology that has always been, and will continue to be, amazing to watch.

While electric cars and autonomous driving may seem to be dominating car manufacturer’s thinking, it is great to see that some manufacturer’s are still keen to produce cars which will provide the motorist with genuine driving thrills. In the great scheme of things, the global motor industry is run by people who love cars, and this is reflected in the cars we drive. So, in spite of the challenges it faces, the motor industry is still very much in good health.

Whether your preference is for a new supermini, family car, SUV, MPV, cabriolet, sports car, crossover or luxury car, the great news is that 2018 is going to be filled with lots of new models in each and every segment. The car-buying public have never had it so good.

Happy Motoring in 2018.