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All-New Mazda CX-60 is a true flagship SUV (By Brian Fahey)

Mazda CX-60 – A True Flagship SUV                                        By Brian Fahey

The CX-60 has been billed as the most important new Mazda of the 21st century, as it is Mazda’s first true flagship car since the Xedos range in the 90’s, when Mazda had designs on moving into the premium sector and had ill-fated plans to launch a standalone premium brand “Amati” to rival what Toyota, Honda and Nissan had achieved with their premium brands Lexus, Acura and Infinity.

Premium again

With the failure to launch their premium Amati brand, talk of Mazda moving into the premium sector died when the last of the Xedos range rolled off the production line in Hiroshima in 2002.

That was, until a number of years ago when Mazda announced, once again, that they had intentions of moving their marque further into the premium sector. That announcement coincided with the facelift of the Mazda 6 and I remember thinking at the time that Mazda will have to do a lot more than add a bit of extra leather and a fancier infotainment system, if they are serious about competing with the established premium brands.

Well, with the CX-60, Mazda have done just that, with their latest offering easily standing up to the equivalent Mercs, BMW’s and Audi’s, as well as the aforementioned luxury Japanese brands.

Executive treatment

The exterior of the CX-60 has a mature, striking, and executive look to it, continuing with the now familiar Mazda large open grille and squinting headlights, giving a menacing look, while maintaining an air of class. The premium treatment has continued inside too, with the well-appointed interior draped in sumptuous leather. The infotainment system combines a touchscreen, dial, and physical buttons, all of which add to the executive ambience of the interior.

Tech specs

This is Mazda’s first PHEV and comes with a 17.8kWh battery powering a single electric motor coupled with a 2.5 litre petrol engine giving a total output of 323BHP, all delivered through an AWD 8 speed automatic transmission, allowing for a very impressive 0-100kph time of 5.8 seconds and a claimed EV only range of 60km.


This car truly is a giant leap forward for Mazda, and with that leap, so has the price, especially when compared to their CX-5, considering both cars are 5 seaters. The CX-60 is different though, it is class, and it is a genuine contender in the premium SUV sector.

If you are in the market for a premium SUV or car, I highly recommend you take a CX-60 on a test drive, you may be pleasantly surprised by Japan’s latest offering, once you can live with the pricing that is. Starting at €54,100 for the entry level trim, up to €60,950 for the top end Takumi spec, it is not cheap, but it is quality.

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