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CUPRA Ireland has announced its partnership with the Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI).

CUPRA Ireland has announced its partnership with the Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI). The PFI, who develop, regulate and promote the fastest growing sport in Europe, are on a mission to make it one of Ireland’s most popular sports.

Padel is an exciting sport, combining elements of sophistication, performance and individuality — a perfect match for CUPRA’s core values. These elements have been woven into the game’s very DNA ever since its unconventional beginnings.

It all started in 1969 when Mexican entrepreneur Enrique Corcuera decided he had enough of his tennis balls landing in his neighbour’s backyard. So, he built a wall, made a shorter, narrower court and Padel was born.

The young racquet sport is a hybrid of tennis, squash and the walled fronton courts frequently seen around Barcelona and the Basque region. Padel is played entirely within four walls, allowing players to use their strategic know-how to their advantage.

The result is a dynamic sport combining the passion and precision of handcrafted equipment with the determination and skill of athletes. Just like CUPRA, Padel dares to redefine the rules of the game and sportiness itself.   

CUPRA is already a household name in Padel thanks to its sponsorship of the sport across the globe. This new partnership with the Padel Federation of Ireland will see the sport grow in popularity here in Ireland.

Similar to Padel, CUPRA continues to grow beyond all expectations. Since its launch 5 years ago, the unconventional challenger brand has added 5 models to the line-up, including the 100% electric CUPRA Born, with further high performance electrified models to come in the near future.

CUPRA Ireland’s first sponsored Padel event was the Senior World Padel Championship Qualifiers, held in February this year. More recently, CUPRA strengthened its partnership with the PFI by sponsorship the Irish national Junior, Senior and Veteran teams.

The Irish senior team were kitted-out in special CUPRA branded apparel ahead of the European Qualifiers for the World Padel Championships, which took place on September 29th – October 2nd.

Caroline Lawlor, Marketing & Communications Manager at CUPRA Ireland said, “Padel is in a constant state of growth, just like CUPRA. This is why we believe that these two success stories joining forces is the ideal formula to contribute to the growth of Padel in Ireland. At CUPRA we are passionate about supporting partners with big ambitions who share our values and want to challenge the status quo.”

Naomi Nicholl, President of PFI said “Since we were welcomed into the International Padel Federation (FIP) a few years ago, we have seen a significant rise in the numbers taking up the sport here in Ireland. The International Padel Federation has celebrated a special collaboration with CUPRA on a global scale, and we hope to emulate that success with our new and exciting collaboration with CUPRA here in Ireland. The PFI is delighted to have a brand like CUPRA accompany us on what will be an exciting journey of growth for this vibrant, contemporary sport.”

Jose ‘Queco’ Catalan, Director of Sport for the International Padel Federation said “The ‘young’ Irish federation has proven to organize international tournaments very successfully. I am convinced that the most important tournaments, sooner or later, will take place in Ireland particularly with CUPRA coming on board”.



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