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FIAT Heritage Hun opens for guided tours.

Fiat Heritage Hub opens for guided tours


The Heritage Hub is about to open to the public, made possible by the long-standing collaboration between the Stellantis Heritage department, the Municipality of Turin and the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile (the Italian national motor museum). Accessible via Gate 31 to the Mirafiori industrial complex – located at Via Plava 80, Turin – the space will host two guided tours per day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, each lasting around two hours. The site will be open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with tickets available online from the MAUTO website.

The Stellantis Group Heritage Hub is an exhibition space covering about 15,000 m2, ‘home’ of the historical collection of automotive brands from Turin: Abarth, Fiat and Lancia.

To highlight the link between the city and the motor vehicle industry, the former Officina 81 at Mirafiori was selected as its site. Open since 1968, it was an active centre of production for over 30 years, focusing on mechanical components. The space has undergone a meticulous restoration to safeguard its industrial spirit, maintaining the raw concrete floor and the original colour scheme of its time. It is therefore an ideal setting for a heritage of over 300 cars.

The middle of the exhibition space features 64 classic cars, split into eight themed areas:

  • Records and Races, protagonists that triumphed on the main circuits;
  • Concepts and Customisations, very rare cars, and extraordinary one-offs;
  • Archistars, models that revolutionised the architecture of the car, while respecting the principles of productivity and functionality;
  • Eco and Sustainable, bringing together cars that stood out for their environmental credentials;
  • Small and Safe, models that combined safety and limited dimensions;
  • Style Marks, cars that made design history;
  • Epic Journeys, vehicles that featured in unforgettable journeys;
  • The Rally Era, the milestones of the golden age of road and dirt racing.

The remainder of the collection is displayed within the two long sides of the building, divided by brand, and set out in chronological order. As well as Fiat and Lancia cars, selected models from the Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi and Jeep brands are also on display. There is no shortage of special features, shown by 16 vintage Fiat cars belonging to the Carabinieri police force. From the 600 Multipla to the Panda, via 1100 and Campagnola models, the Carabinieri selection covers a time span of almost half a century, highlighting the deep roots of a collaboration that remains active to this day.

The exhibition space at the entrance to the pavilion, hosts a permanent display on the history of Mirafiori from 1939 to date.  As confirmation of its multifunctionality, the space also includes an area designed for workshops and another for conferences, with capacity for up to 200 people.

The “engines area” is an ideal setting for a meeting space, hosting two long benches featuring a selection of over 30 of the most important engines, designed and manufactured by the Group’s Italian brands. True milestones in the history of Italian engines such as the four-cylinder from the “100 series” – which debuted in 1955 in the Fiat 600 and was then used, in its various evolutions, for around 50 years – contrast with pilot projects for electric motors, turbines and even steam engines. As well as being open for guided tours – available in Italian and English, and in the other major European languages on request – the space can also host cultural and corporate events for bodies and companies external to the Stellantis Group. For further information or to request a detailed quote, send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

The Heritage Hub spearheads the wide range of activities offered by the Heritage department. These include a full platform of services and products for vintage car enthusiasts and collectors: certification, maintenance, and restoration, as well as sales and the reconditioning of prestigious spare parts.

Further information on the exhibition space and the activities and services provided by Heritage can be found on the department’s website.



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