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Seven Per-Cent of irish driver’s unaware of tyre penalty point regulations.

Up to 120,000 Drivers not aware of Tyre Penalty Point Regulations.

A recent survey carried out by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), supported by Continental Tyres Ireland, shows that 94 per-cent of Irish drivers are aware that driving with damaged or dangerous tyres is an offence. But alarmingly, some six per-cent (or potentially 120,000 drivers) are leaving themselves open to penalty points or failure of their NCT unless they pay proper attention to their tyres.

The survey, which was carried out to assess the attitude of Irish drivers in relation to the general care and maintenance of their cars, also found that, when purchasing a replacement tyre, Irish drivers rely mostly on their local tyre retailer (34 per-cent) – versus 19 per-cent who go to one of the tyre retail chains.

In terms of the choice of tyre brand, nearly half of drivers (46 per-cent) generally depend on the advice of the tyre retailer, franchised dealer or garage contact.

When asked how they look after their car maintenance, a sizeable 43 per-cent go to a trusted mechanic or workshop for all their needs.  Thirty-seven per-cent of drivers said they carry out some car maintenance themselves – that could be as simple as occasionally topping up tyre pressures or windscreen washer fluid.  Included in that 37 per-cent are a hardy 7 per-cent of respondents who try to do all of their car maintenance without going to a franchised dealership or independent mechanic / workshop.  One in five car owners (20 per-cent) rely on the car dealer where they purchased the car for all their maintenance and servicing needs.

Commenting on the survey results, Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said: “The latest SIMI research offers some great insights into Irish drivers’ attitudes to their cars, regular maintenance and tyre knowledge. It is heartening to see that 94 per-cent of respondents are aware of the tyre-related penalty point regime that was introduced nearly three years ago. All motorists really need to get the message: you can get penalty points if you do not look after your tyres.  And what is even more serious, Garda forensic analysis of fatal crashes has shown that damaged or worn tyres were partially responsible for one in ten fatal crashes on Irish roads”. Don’t take chances with your car’s tyres….it could prove fatal.


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