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Stick-on Number Plates – The Environmentally-Friendly Option.

Stick-on Number Plates – The Environmentally-Friendly Option.

Stick-on Number Plates are a Green Product:

Huge Reduction in Plastic Manufactured:

Over 65 tons of plastic will be manufactured in 2023, just to make number plates for Irish cars. Stick-on number plates require 80% less plastic to make.

Less Plastic to be Disposed:

65 tons of additional plastic will need to be disposed of each year (likely more as the number of cars on the road increases), which can be avoided.

Equivalent of 7,795,182 Plastic Water Bottles Saved:

Each set of existing number plates contains the equivalent plastic to make 7,795,182 plastic water bottles. Stick-on Number Plates contain a small fraction of this amount of material.

​​Energy Savings:

Screwing a flat lump of plastic to the front of a new car adversely affects aerodynamic efficiency. While the effect on each individual car is small, the collective accumulated increase in energy wasted (due to less efficient aerodynamics) over hundreds of thousands of cars, results in overall more fuel/energy usage.

Here’s why you want Stick-on Number Plates for your car:

No drilling! These plates are self-adhesive and won’t damage the paint if you ever have to remove them.

No tools needed to fit your Stick-on Number Plates.​​

No need for an ugly number plate holder-surround (which often come loose over time and start to rattle).

If you drive an EV, the chances are the front of your car is smoother than a traditional petrol or diesel powered car (EVs don’t need a grill for airflow to cool the engine). Keep that smooth, uncluttered look with a stick-on plate.

Stick-on number plates will not get cracked or damaged in a carwash.

It’s so much easier to clean your car with smooth, flat number plates. No more trying to clean grime from behind and around those awkward number plate holders.

Guess what? Society benefits too!

Using Stick-on Number plates will instantly reduce pedestrian injuries. Cars are designed to minimise injury to pedestrians, through the elimination of sharp edges which can cause serious damage in a collision. Plastic number plates are (a) sharp and (b) not designed to be gentle on pedestrians.

Less plastic manufactured and disposed of  is better for everyone.​​

Stick-on Number plates are more difficult to remove, making life a little tougher for criminals who regularly illegally swap and display false plates.

The current format for plastic number plates requires them to be at least 2.5mm in thickness. This requirement is now over 30 years old and was put in place before the technology existed to produce durable, flexible self-adhesive number plates. It’s time to move on and use modern, environmentally friendly materials.

Stick-on Number Plates in California

With the mandate that all new cars sold in California by 2035 must be electric, a pilot program was launched in 2018 to allow owners to use self-adhesive license plates on their EVs, instead of having to add bulky (and ugly) plate holders.

We would like to see Ireland lead the European Union in moving towards this simple, elegant and effective solution to cut down on the use of plastic, reduce injures to pedestrians and make car owners happier when they don’t need to drill holes into the bodywork of their brand new car!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these stick-on number plates made from?

The plates are made from vinyl with a self-adhesive backing. The vinyl is pliable and can mould to the shape of the front or back of your car.

Will the adhesive damage my paint?

No, your paint will not be damaged. The adhesive is designed for automotive use and is similar to what is used in traditional vehicle wraps.​

When will these plates be legal in Ireland?

We are working with the Minister for Transport on outlining the multiple benefits of stick-on number plates. Hopefully, he will be able to assist in getting these legalised asap. If you would like to support this idea, please pre-order on There is no deposit or obligation. We will simply use a list of pre-orders to show the Minister the level of support and potential demand for an update to the ancient number plate requirements, from the public.

Having had the pleasure of seeing (and holding) a Stick-on Number Plate from a California-registered car recently, I can honestly say that I genuinely do see the benefit of such registration plates being used in Ireland – and across the world. I, for one, certainly do support this environmentally-friendly idea.

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Editorial by DG/MotoringMatters. December 2022.


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