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Women’s World Car of the Year keeps growing with a new motoring journalist from Sweden.

With Mia Litström’s appointment, WWCOTY reaches 42 countries.

Women’s World Car of the year is pleased to announce a judge from Sweden as a member of WWCOTY. The appointment of Mia Litström marks a new record of female motoring journalists expanding the jury to 57 judges from 42 countries across all continents. 

Mia Litström works as a freelance motoring journalist for Cars and Watches for Ladies, Eqotime, Out of Time, Robb Report Sweden and the Magazine Motor of M. Sweden. She is also a board member of the Club for Motoring Journalists in Sweden.

Mia has been writing about cars for almost twenty years and her passion started when she was very young. “I was curious about driving but I was too young to get my car licence so instead of waiting I took a driving license for tractor so I could start to drive something”. This is how her desire to work in the automotive world was born.

She thinks the best thing with motor cars is that they always touch people. “You feel something about them, you are never neutral. Good or bad, I always meet people when I am testing where they express their feelings about them and I love that. If you drive a car and you don’t feel anything about it, then the motor company has completely failed and made a big mistake. They need to touch your emotions, good or bad.”

Sweden, where Mia was born and currently lives, is a market that loves station wagons. Crossovers are very popular. It is a very elongated country and up north four-wheel-drive is needed for winter. It also has to have a long range. Electric vehicles are not so popular up north but in the bigger cities and in the south EVs sell very well.

About Women’s World Car of the Year.
Women’s World Car of the Year is the only car awards group in the world comprised exclusively of women motoring journalists. It was created by New Zealand motoring journalist, Sandy Myhre, in 2009. She is currently Honorary President while Marta García performs as Executive President. 

The aim of this unique award is to recognise the best cars of the year and to give a voice to women in the automotive world. The voting criteria is based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car. The selections are not ‘woman’s car’ because such categories do not exist. Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint, among others, are taken into account when casting the votes.

However, beyond choosing the best cars of the year, our goal is also to give visibility to women in the automotive world, to contribute to making women voices heard on all continents because mobility for a woman means access to many personal and professional possibilities.


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