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“You’ll Never Take a Wrong Turn with Toyota” – Toyota Ireland Launches New Brand Campaign.

“You’ll Never Take a Wrong Turn with Toyota” – Toyota Ireland Launches New Brand Campaign

Toyota Ireland has today launched its latest advertising campaign entitled You’ll Never Take a Wrong Turn with Toyota. The new ad, starring renowned Irish actor Liam Cunningham, aims to cut through the confusion new car buyers are currently facing and presents Toyota hybrid as the right choice for eco-conscious drivers today and into the future.

Representing the next chapter in Toyota’s Built for a Better World brand platform, the campaign narrative centres around the choices we make in life, and presents a strong case for moving away from harmful fossil fuel powertrain options like diesel into more eco-friendly Toyota hybrids, which have up to 90% less NOX emissions and positively contribute to a lower-emissions society.

Another key aspect of the campaign is ‘trust’, and Toyota is asking Irish motorists to trust it in guiding them to make the right vehicle purchase decision for themselves and for the planet. The most trusted car brand in Ireland in 2021*, Toyota started its hybrid journey decades ago and its hybrid vehicles have advanced to the point where their newest generation models can drive in zero emissions mode for up to 80% of the time in city driving conditions. The new ad reflects Toyota’s belief that hybrids reflect the best mass market solution for improving our environmental outlook with cleaner air quality for all, and no behaviour change required.

Filmed in picturesque Wicklow and the streets of Dublin, the advert sees Liam narrate Toyota’s brand message as he travels along a scenic road from Wicklow to Dublin enjoying the journey in a Toyota hybrid.

Zoe Bradley, Head of Marketing Communications in Toyota Ireland said“We at Toyota are proud to be leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. The “You’ll Never Take a Wrong Turn with Toyota” campaign was created to present Toyota hybrid as the right choice for drivers today and into the future. This campaign is inspired by truth and trust, and as the world’s bestselling hybrid car brand we want to continue to educate and inspire Irish motorists to move towards hybrid technology and be confident in their decision.”

“We consider hybrids to be a crucial element of the journey towards a zero emissions society. While EVs will be part of the overall ambition to zero emissions when the infrastructure, cost and renewable energy are aligned to mass market needs, hybrid is the right strategy for now and offers many of the environmental answers. With Ireland’s largest range of electrified hybrid vehicles, we are committed to providing our drivers with eco-conscious motoring solutions that will positively impact the environment.”

The “You’ll Never Take a Wrong Turn with Toyota” campaign launches today on Monday 10th, on TV, radio, and on and Toyota Ireland social media channels.

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