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2022: the year of turnaround for Alfa Romeo.

2022: the year of turnaround for Alfa Romeo.

  • Alfa Romeo has strongly supported the 2022 Stellantis results, confirming the successful turnaround, with an operating performance improvement as a very profitable brand.
  • 2022 has been key for the “from zero to zero” strategy (Alfa Romeo to become the fastest brand in the global automotive world to go from zero electrified vehicles at beginning 2022 to 100% zero-emission sales in 2027).
  • Alfa Romeo vehicles’ registrations have increased of 22% vs 2021 in Europe (in a region that is dropping by -11% vs 2021).
  • At the end of a challenging 2022 Alfa Romeo’s customer portfolio is significant: 7 times the value of the previous year.
  • The growth of the brand in the Middle East is Important, and in Asia the performance of Stelvio is excellent.
  • The Tonale has been the Star of the year. Welcomed by the media with 8 international awards, itrepresents the first milestone in the “zero to zero” strategy: -40% of Co2 emissions.
  • 360° focus on quality with no compromise: in each market, Alfa Romeo is strongly improving its KPIs. One reward above all demonstrates the brand effort: in US, according with JD POWER, Sales Satisfaction index, Alfa Romeo ranks 1st in the Automotive industry.
  • Sportiness and Performance are inherent in Alfa Romeo’s DNA: strong results even in F1, where Alfa Romeo F1 Team achieved an outstanding 6° place in the constructors’ championship.


Alfa Romeo files an extremely positive 2022.

The brand has strongly supported the 2022 Stellantis results, confirming the successful turnaround, with an operating performance improvement as a very profitable brand. Tonale has proved to be a success with a tight control of quality which has been improved significantly. A year full of exciting challenges but above all excellent commercial performance that highlight a clear growth in Europe with registrations growing by 22% leading to a significant growth in market share, in contrast to the results of a region that records a 11% drop vs. 2021. In terms of registrations, many markets are reporting strong results vs. 2021: France +101%, Italy +22%, Germany +22%, Spain +28%, Netherlands +84%, Austria +85%, Greece +163%, Portugal +174%.

Globally, the results describe a stable situation with business performance mirroring the consolidated results in 2021 and noteworthy performances in Turkey that stands out in the global landscape as the fastest growing market, quadrupling volumes compared to 2021. In Asia, the Stelvio registers the most significant growth by marking +25%.

The year 2022 will be filed in the name of Tonale, the first electrified C-SUV that kicked off the Brand’s metamorphosis and represents the milestone in the “from zero to zero” process that will lead Alfa Romeo to be the fastest brand in the global automotive landscape in the transition from zero electrified cars (beginning 2022) to an entire zero-emission range in 2027. Giulia and Stelvio, staples of the current Alfa Romeo range and pillars of the brand’s future product plan, have been revamped in design and technology and are ready to position themselves as the benchmark in their respective segments, just as they have since their launch.

As repeatedly stressed by brand representatives, Alfa Romeo strategies are driven by Quality without compromise. Indeed, the goals achieved globally are of the highest order. One among all is the result disclosed by JD Power in the U.S. regarding the customer satisfaction index that ranks Alfa Romeo 1st in the entire automotive landscape.

A 2022 to remember and its satisfactions and rewards do not end there. The result achieved by Alfa Romeo Team in the Formula 1 World Championship marks a rise in the constructors’ standings with a 6th place in the overall ranking: the team’s best result in the last decade.

A 2022 that rewards the hard work and commitment of a cohesive and determined brand whose goal is to improve further in 2023. A year that promises to be full of challenges which Alfa Romeo will face with the usual bold attitude that has distinguished the Brand, a symbol of noble Italian sportsmanship since 1910.


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