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Service due message on too early


The service due message has come on after only 12,000km since the last service on my 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0D, yet the owner’s manual says it is only due every 34,000km.



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Asked on September 16, 2022 10:12 am
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Hi Alice,

You are correct that the service interval on a 2018 2.0 diesel Discovery Sport is 34,000km, however, Land Rover do state that it is a maximum of 34,000km or 24 months, whichever comes first. How long has it been since your last service, if it has taken you 2 years to cover those 12,000km’s then the message may be on as the service interval has been reached by time.

On many modern cars, diesels especially, service intervals are governed by a self-monitoring system which can ask for the service or oil change well before you may expect it to. The mileages given by manufacturers of these cars are only maximum mileages and are usually only reached with a particular type of driving, in real world driving conditions, they are rarely ever met.

If a car does regular short trips, it is common for them to require servicing or oil changes more regularly. This has got to do with oil dilution and is a result of the engine not getting fully up to operating temperature on a drive, causing the oil to be diluted at a faster rate than if the car does mostly longer trips, where it gets fully up to temperature allowing the oil to dissipate the fuel that it has been diluted with. This oil dilution is a normal feature of modern diesels and certain engines seem to be more sensitive to it, including the Land Rover 2.0 diesel.

Hope this helps,


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Answered on September 26, 2022 10:41 am

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