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REvolve is “Driving Circular Action” as An Garda Síochána CO2e savings announcement highlights commitment to circular economy.

REvolve is “Driving Circular Action” as An Garda Síochána CO2e savings announcement highlights commitment to circular economy.

REvolve, an independent technology-driven supply chain solution driving the circular economy in the automotive sector, was formally launched with the announcement that, in 2022 An Garda Síochána’s net Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings by procuring green parts from REvolve partner, Ted4Parts, for its fleet were 38,477.35 kgCO2e, in comparison with purchasing newly manufactured vehicle parts. This represents an average 94% saving for An Garda Síochána. 

The impressive figure was announced by Minister of State with responsibility for Public Procurement and eGovernment, Ossian Smyth TD, at the event at REvolve’s Castleblayney partner facility on September 18th. Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, and members of An Garda Síochána, amongst other key stakeholders in automotive repair in Ireland, also attended the event. 

Leading the way in B2B transformation driving circular acton within the automotive supply chains through its custom-built technology platform engineered with the expertise of Philip Mackessy, of Mackessy Technology based in Limerick, REvolve OS empowers clients, like An Garda Síochána, to embrace all the benefits of sustainability in a new and innovative way by bringing an independent panel of quality-assured vehicle recyclers and green parts suppliers, and green parts consumers such as insurers, repairers, and fleets, together in a structured, value-driven way, with real, measurable financial and environmental benefits. 

The Monaghan based company is focused on maximising the re-use of automotive parts and resources, and the software is designed from the ground up to integrate with fleet, insurer and repairer workflows to streamline the use of green parts for all stakeholders, delivering real, measurable financial and carbon savings for all stakeholders through its innovative technology. 

REvolve’s network of quality and progressive salvage agents and approved vehicle recyclers across Ireland and the UK offer the highest level of service, focusing on the key metrics of the client, and all REvolve-supplied green parts are graded to the VRA standards to ensure only the highest-quality green parts enter the repair cycle.

Richard Brennan, Managing Director of REvolve explained “Green parts provide a more sustainable motoring solution, not only in helping to reduce carbon emissions, but also by presenting additional operational advantages such as reducing vehicle downtime and associated costs. Measurement is an integral part of our service, in terms of proving net carbon emissions savings, sustainability impacts, and commercial savings. Transparency and full disclosure about the carbon savings associated with green parts will help educate and inform clients so they can understand the difference they’re making by choosing to reuse parts over buying them new.”

Brennan continued “We hope that in the long-term, green parts will become the standard option for vehicle repairs. Carbon labelling in Ireland is the next step in raising awareness that green parts can reduce repair costs, and are better for the environment. But ultimately, our approach goes beyond simple measurement and reporting, as we enable improved decision-making, towards better-informed strategies in delivering superior sustainability performance and business value. ”

REvolve enabled the carbon emissions savings for An Garda Síochána through the provision of 551 reclaimed vehicle parts of varying make and model throughout 2022 from REvolve partner, Ted4Parts. The net CO2e saving of 38,477.35 kgCO2e is equivalent to the emissions arising from driving 100,000 miles in a non-electric family car; charging 4,700,000 smartphones; or the yearly carbon sequestered by 48 acres of forest.

Commenting on the results and rationale for sourcing green parts through REvolve, Mark Murphy, Fleet Technical Supervisor, An Garda Fleet Management said “Using high quality, safety checked green parts, rather than new parts, not only ticks the environmental box for An Garda Síochána, but helps ensure the quickest possible turnaround for repairs. We’re excited to see further carbon savings as we continue on our sustainability journey with Ted4Parts through REvolve.”

Commending REvolve and An Garda Síochána for the positive impact this partnership has on the circular economy, Minister Smyth said “Today has given me an opportunity to see how REvolve’s independent, technology-driven supply chain solution helps to streamline the sourcing of green parts for the automotive business. I welcome such innovative startups that encourage a circular life-cycle approach in their industry.”

All of REvolve’s defined carbon savings are independently audited and verified to ensure complete transparency. The newly announced CO2e figures for An Garda Síochána were developed by Earthshine Group within an independent study of the net CO2e savings associated with purchasing used vehicle parts via REvolve, as compared with purchasing newly manufactured vehicle parts.

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