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Tips On How To Keep Your Car Safe & Clean.

Carzone shares tips to ensure your car is a safe and clean space.

 While we’re all practicing social distancing and doing all we can to help curb the spread of Covid -19, car journeys will still be required for some as a means to get to work, travel to supermarkets or to avail of essential services. Health authorities have been keeping us informed on best practice when it comes to hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette and the regular cleaning of frequently touched objects and surfaces. One of which, will most likely be the car.

Carzone, Ireland’s trusted motoring marketplace, has shared some helpful tips* on how to keep the car clean and disinfected to ensure minimum risk to driver and passenger’s health.

What to use;

Car-specific cleaning products work best, however household cleaners will also suffice. As supply of cleaning products are low at the moment, another alternative is soap and warm water. A microfiber cloth is best for wiping down surfaces inside the car. Scrubbing too hard could remove dye or surface coatings, so take your time and work out how much pressure to apply to be thorough.

Use as little water as possible, especially around electronics. Carzone recommend to ensure the chemicals in any products used won’t damage the interior or exterior of the car.

What not to use;

Bleach and peroxide-based products will kill germs, but will also damage vinyl and plastic materials within the car. Chlorine bleach could potentially cause serious damage to the car’s interior and if it gets on the seat belts, it could weaken the fabric and affect the safety. Ammonia-based cleaners can also cause problems inside the car. They can break down the vinyl, particularly on the dashboard, and make it sticky under heat and light. Don’t use glass cleaner on any touch display screens as it can affect anti-glare coatings

Where to clean?

Its important to focus on the surfaces that we touch the most when in the car. These include the steering wheel, door handles, the gear stick, infotainment and dashboard controls, seats and armrests, seat belts and the handbrake. Most importantly, wash your hands often. You risk spending hours disinfecting and deep cleaning your car only to bring new germs in every time you drive – unless you wash your hands.

* Please Note: While these are all tested tips for car cleaning, this does not constitute medical advice. Please visit the HSE website for the latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19).




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